Water Repellent Slim Art Supplies Backpack with USB Charging Port

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<b>UNO Laptop Backpack</b><br>The worlds first multi-functional and interchangeable backpack that is designed to carry your daily essentials.<br><br><b>BENEFITS:</b><br><br>- Travel friendly, Easy to tie in trunk.<br>- Water repellent inner lining, Soft touch.<br>- Ergonomic shoulder strap, Carrying comfortably.<br>- Side bag auxiliary strap, for tripod,umbrella... etc.<br>- High quality environmentally friendly waterproof nylon fabric.<br>- As the world's largest zipper manufacturer, YKK Group is most famous for making zippers.<br>- PowerDock allows you to charge your cellphone and gadgets when they are low on juice.(Portable battry not included)